Do you only make those 3 types of bagels?

Well yes, we specialize in those 3 types because those are our favorites.  That being said, Pop's is a very customizable experience and we want to serve you in the best way possible.  Please let us know if there are special bagels you love and we can work it out!

How far in advance should we order?

Because we make everything from scratch, we typically need 2-3 days advance notice to have enough time to make the cream cheese and butter.

What is the minimum order?

24 Bagels with spreads is the minimum order

What is the maximum order?

We are a small operation...for now!  The maximum order would be 48 bagels but we're looking to grow that number to 100 in the coming months.

What about eggs and salmon?

Anything is possible at Pop's!  If you would like to discuss doing some egg sandwiches and offering some smoked salmon both are possible but lead to higher costs.  Inquire on our order page.

how big is your set up?

I only require a 6ft table to be able to set up.  I can do inside or outside since I use an electric pizza oven for baking.  I can pretty much work with any environment.