We aren't just making bagels over here but creating a unique culture around the bagels that has never been seen before in LA.  Instead of large scale batches of bagels as in your typical bagel shop, we are making the bagels in smaller batches of 6 and keeping them coming out of the oven freshly all day.  This will ensure your guests will have a hot and crispy bagel every time. 

Our bagels are all natural using only the best flour, yeast, LA water and organic barley malt.  That's it.  No special preservatives, just good old-fashioned bagels.

Beside the bagel ingenuity, we are making our own cream cheeses and cultured butters from scratch.  Cultured butter is a more flavorful version of your everyday sweet butter - we allow cream and yogurt to combine before churning it into butter.  The result is a stronger butter flavor and some equally awesome buttermilk which we use to make our incredible cream cheeses.  Sustainability is important to us!

Store-bought cream cheese is fine, it works, but is it special?  By making our own buttermilk cream cheese, we can control everything that goes into the process, also, fresh cream cheese just tastes better.  It’s tangy and tart but creamy and sweet at the same time.  It might be a tad softer than what you're used to but trust us, you'll want extra.   

Lastly, to avoid the typical confusion in deciding what bagel to order, we are only offering what we believe are the only truly important bagels: 

Plain, Everything and Cinnamon Raisin

However, if you feel strongly about a specific type of bagel that we do not typically make, please let us know.  We're always innovating!