Bagels in LA suck.  There’s no debating this statement, it’s useless.  Bagels here are just dense rolls of bread with a hole in the middle.  Anytime anyone says they found a good bagel in LA they are really just talking about the various toppings i.e. salmon and veggies.  We are here to change all of this. 

New York is the gold standard for the bagel.  They are enormous and chewy and usually light and crispy – everything a great bagel should be.  We think people put much too much emphasis on the water that is being used but really, we think it’s just good marketing on NY’s part.  The real reason NY bagels are so great is because they are SO FRESH.  On many occasions at New York’s best shops, the bagels are still warm from the oven and that is exactly the x-factor that LA is missing and the service that we are looking to provide.

We want to change LA bagel culture by providing the incredibly unique service of bringing the fresh, hot bagel to your home/office/event space.  Somehow, pizza is one of the only bread items served hot, right out of the oven, and we are here to tell you that the bagel should be part of that culture as well.  We are talking about 10min from oven to your mouth.  We want to bring the bagel back in a real way.

By prepping, boiling and seeding at home, we can bake my bagels anywhere with an electrical outlet into which we can plug our oven.  We want people to gather around the hearth to dive into mounds of right-out-of-the-oven crispy, chewy bagels and slather them with HOMEMADE cream cheese that tastes like it was churned in a farmhouse in dairy country.  We want people to love bagels again.