We have created a unique LA-style bagel that is made-to-order on-site wherever we are booked.  Everything is made from scratch daily including our homemade cream cheeses and butters.  Our bagels are light and chewy yet never dense like some NY bagels can be and they are always HOT.  We want to change the perception of the bagel in LA.


Bagels in LA suck.  There’s no debating this statement, it’s useless.  Bagels here are just dense rolls of bread with a hole in the middle.  Anytime anyone says they found a good bagel in LA they are really just talking about the various toppings i.e. salmon and veggies.  We are here to change all of this. 



Our bagels are all natural using only the best flour, yeast, LA water and organic barley malt.  That's it.  No special preservatives, just good old-fashioned bagels.  Our spreads are made with California dairy only and contain only milk, cream and buttermilk.  Vegan cheese + Gluten Free bagels are coming soon!



The classic bagel.  Super crunchy and crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  We make ours with organic malt syrup for flavor and color and twist the bagels for a signature look.  Amazing with our plain cream cheese.


The people's champ.  The bagel that every bagel shop runs out of first.  We make ours with sesame seed, poppy seed, garlic, onion and salt.  We don't skimp on the seeds so you get a little of everything in each bite.  Enjoy with fresh-made scallion cream cheese and a slice of tomato.



The underdog.  Seriously, I always overlooked this bagel growing up and it's become our most popular choice.  We start with cinnamon sugar and knead in the raisins later which breaks them down a bit so you don't have huge chunks of raisins in your bagel.  The ultimate sweet treat for breakfast, but not too sweet!  Hot out of the oven this baby works best with some cultured butter.  Ask for it dipped too!